Our family of staff at Aquarius Water Conditioning is dedicated to providing our community the water filtration and water treatment you need for clean, safe water 24 hours a day.Made In The USA | Aquarius Water Conditioning We feature Kinetico Water Systems, the finest water conditioning, water softener and water purification and water filtration products in the world. And they are made, right here in America. Kinetico Water Systems also boasts the worlds most efficient water softening products. We pride ourselves on providing superior service – we respect you, your time and your home with attention to the details that really make a difference, like being on time and cleaning up after ourselves. For more than 30 years we have proudly served the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, fighting hard water stains and high levels of nitrate, bacteria, iron, lead and other common water contaminants with a vengeance! As an authorized Kinetico dealer, we have been afforded the ability to provide the finest water conditioning, softening, purification and filtration systems in the world. If that alone doesn’t portray The Aquarius Difference, we don’t know what does! Kinetico systems are powered by kinetic energy, not electricity, making them more efficient and reliable than all others. Should you run into any issues with your Kinetico system, rest assured knowing that it’s backed by one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Whether it’s water softening that you seek to keep your linens fluffy and your hair shining, or a whole house filtration system to purify your drinking water — Aquarius Water Conditioning has got you covered. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced technicians will respect your time, your home, and most importantly, your family’s well-being.