Since 2001, Hydro Restoration, Inc. has provided exterior pressure washing, wood restoration, painting, and staining solutions. Owner, Kip Ramsay is an expert in the exterior coatings industry and is a trusted resource for manufactures, distributors, and clients. Hydro’s certified experts are committed to creating long-term customer relationships through professionalism, communication, and superior service. Hydro Restoration, Inc stands apart from its competitors by combining current technology with traditional techniques. Common cold water high-pressure washing, causes damage to wood fibers and doesn’t deep clean. Hydro uses a biodegradable restoration product and hot water at a low pressure to steam clean the wood. This process effectively removes dirt, mold, and fungus embedded in the wood that could otherwise cause paint and stain to fail prematurely. Our restoration process will eliminate years of fungus and discoloration from your wood, returning it to near-new condition! Applying a coating to the wood not only accentuates its natural beauty, it protects your investment from UV rays, water intrusion, mold, mildew, rot, cracking, warping, and insects. Using a brush and roller to vigorously work the product into the wood creates a more durable application that will outlast conventional spray applications. We believe in doing it right the first time and take pride in using time-tested methods that create beautiful, long-lasting results.

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