White Bear Butchery - A Flicker Meat Company isn't just a meat market; it's a trip down memory lane, rooted in the heart of White Bear Lake since 1985. Stepping inside, it's easy to be transported to idyllic afternoons of backyard barbecues and endless summers by the grill. The tantalizing aroma of smoked meats guides customers to our nostalgic butcher counter, framed by glass showcases flaunting a premium range of steaks, pork, chicken, smoked-cheddar brats, and more. ​ We pride ourselves on being your all-inclusive grilling destination, stocking everything from succulent fresh cuts to the very charcoal that'll light up your grill. Our butchers, true to the old-fashioned ethos, don't just sell; they educate. They're always eager to delve into the nuances between cuts, offering cooking tips, and of course, custom cutting as per your preferences. Visit White Bear Butchery today, and rediscover the joys of supporting your local butcher shop.

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