How it started. I was born and raised in western Canada. My first introduction to photography was a false start. I enrolled in an obligatory photography course while taking my BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, but my interest was in painting and sculpture. How it really started. Fast-forward ten years. I started working as a visual effects artist for film and television in Vancouver. This job was about creating computer-generated objects, animation, effects and integrating them into live film footage. A co-worker showed me an amazing camera he had built and that really reignited my interest in photography. My company was sold and I began working as a visual effects freelance contractor for television production. I also started shooting as a freelance commercial photographer. Gratification came to me in 2013 when I received my first professional award form Applied Arts Magazine ( Canadian equivalent to Communication Arts Mag ) for best self-promotion photography. And so it began. Where I am now. I relocated to Saint Paul MN in 2016 with my wife and continue my photography with my own unique style and vision. I consider my work to be very conceptual and influenced by my painting and sculpture background. My experience in creating computer-generated objects and effects also gives me inspiration. There's a story to be told, a story for the viewer to see and a statement to be made with my work.

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