Our family is looking to introduce mead, also known as honey wine, to the masses. Simply put it is fermented honey that can also be blended with fruits and spices We will be locally hand crafting meads for the Twin Cities area to enjoy. Mead is an ancient libation that dates back well over 1000 years ago and was made by many cultures from around the world. Those cultures include the Chinese, Ethiopians and Scandinavians/Vikings. As our family and many other Minnesotans root for or have Viking roots we wanted to open a meadery as a way pay homage to this ancient drinks past. To start things off we plan on introducing seven different meads, those being VALHALLA, FREYA, VIKING’S BLOOD, TRE BAER, SKAL, BERSERKER and SPICED EPLE. Additional meads will be introduced periodically to appeal to broader tastes and give our mazzers even more tasty varieties to try and enjoy. Our focus will be on locally sourced like our star ingredient Minnesota grown honey and blending it with as many other fresh local ingredients as possible. Ingredients such as local strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, maple syrup and apples. We will educate the uninitiated by in our tasting room by making personal connections with our patrons. Through these personal connections we will not only talk about mead our different selections but also about our primary ingredient honey. The Minnesota wildflower and varietal honeys like basswood and buckwheat that we use contribute unique flavors notes like “floral” and “caramelized” These unique flavors helps to develop and broaden your mead taste palette. Speaking of taste palette, we will be selling pizza, sandwiches, salads and other snack as well as non-adult beverages like Northern Soda. Additionally logo swag, Minnesota honey, related merchandise and our meads will be available for sale onsite or on our website, whitebearmeadery.com. Come by and try out our craft meads, stay for the ambiance and enjoy some food. SKAL!

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