FootLab grew from our decade’s long work with skiers. The human foot is simply not designed to function properly in an inflexible ski boot at 30, 40 or even 50mph. The loads that the foot is subjected to under those circumstances are tremendous. Our background as ski instructors and ski boot fitters allowed us to intimately evaluate the merit of the various support systems on the market and develop our own support system that markedly improved the performance of skiers of all ability levels. Experienced custom foot support experts for over thirty years in the St. Paul – Minneapolis metro area. The move from skiers to athletes, trades people, the general public and their everyday footwear was a natural evolution to our foot support journey. Skiers, as a group, are active in many other sports. Our skier clients were runners, soccer players, golfers, football players, baseball players, construction workers and trades people. Once they experienced the performance and support improvements from improved ski boot support, they looked for the same benefits in their general footwear.

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